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Is There Mercury in Your Fish? - Mercury Pollution

  1. Healthy Air: Texas Should Reduce Toxic Mercury

  2. 5 of the 10 Worst Mercury Pollution Power Plants are in Texas. Find out where they are (Adobe pdf file)

  3. Harvard Study of Health Benefits from Controlling Mercury From Coal Plants (Adobe pdf file)

  4. Harvard Study Monetizing Report Tables (Adobe pdf file)

  5. National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences / Mt. Sinai School of Medicine report Public Health and Economic Consequences of Methylmercury Toxicity to the Developing Brain (Adobe pdf file)

  6. UT Health Science Center San Antonio: Environmental mercury release, special education rates, and autism disorder: an ecological study of Texas Adobe pdf file

  7. Mercury and Disabilities: A Parent's Guide (Adobe pdf file)

  8. Mercury and the Developing Brain (Adobe pdf file)

  9. EPA Clean Air Mercury Rule for New and Existing Coal-fired Utilities. (Adobe pdf file) 2005

  10. Clean Air Task Force- Talking Points on Mercury Rule 3/14/2005

  11. Local Impacts of Mercury from Coal-Fired Power Plants
    Prepared by Clean Air Task Force, March 2003

  12. Summary of field tests of power plant mercury controls - 90%+ reductions have been achieved, even with lignite 9/2004 Study (Adobe pdf file)

  13. Texas' Mercury advisories

  14. New! Healthy Fish, Healthy Families pocket guide to fish and mercury and brochure" from Physicians for Social Responsibility

  15. SEED Coalition Testing for Mercury in Fish
  16. Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson on mercury, March 18, 2004 Adobe pdf file

  17. National Wildlife Federation brochures
  18. Factsheets and Reports:
  19. Mercury press clips
    Toxic Mercury Pollution:
    Texas leads the nation in toxic power plant mercury pollution!
  20. Media - EPA Mercury Rule:
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