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Learn: Clean Transportation

Since much of the air pollution choking Texas cities comes from the cars we drive, cleaner transportation options are an important part of cleaning our skies. Many exciting new technologies are currently making their way into the consumer market that allow passenger cars to pollute much less. For example, the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius are gasoline-electric hybrids that get up to 70 miles per gallon.

Other emerging options include fuel-cell cars and battery-powered electric cars, as well as convenient mass-transit systems such as light rail.

The Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission is currently developing new rules to comply with federal mandates to clean up Texas's air. One of the proposals under consideration is to adopt California's standards for clean cars, which are stricter than the federal standards Texas currently enforces. To learn more about this issue, read Clean Air Coordinator Karen Hadden's Op-Ed "For Cleaner Air We Need Cleaner Cars: Texas Should Adopt the California Standards For Cars and Trucks." Also, see our press release "THE ROAD ALREADY TRAVELED: HOW CALIFORNIA DID IT: LA's Successful Air Clean Up Holds Lessons for Houston" (20 January 2000) and our short fact sheet on the California experience.

You can also act now by sending an email to TNRCC commissioners to tell them you support the California clean car standards!

To learn more about the rule-making process for improving Texas air quality and how you can get involved, check out the action brochure. Let's Clear the Air Over Texas .


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