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Learn: Power Plants

One of the biggest sources of air pollution in Texas is our electricity, much of which comes from coal-fired power plants. Until recently, many power plants were grandfathered, meaning that they did not have to comply with modern air pollution controls. During the 1999 Texas legislative session, the legislature closed the loophole for power plants, and the Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission is currently in the process of developing rules to implement this change. Please check the calendar for upcoming opportunities to voice your opinion and influence this process. To learn more about dirty power plants in Texas, read some of the following reports:

  • SEED's Granddaddy of all Loopholes [activists' corner: reports: Granddaddy GF, or on SEED's current web site, in pdf]

  • SEED's Most Powerful Polluters in Texas [you don't have this yet]

  • Sierra Club's Texas's Dirty Little Secret [link to GHASP site; url to come]

  • Laid to Waste (regarding toxic power plant coal wastes):

    • Laid to Waste report
    • Laid to Waste press release
    • Laid to waste fact sheet

  • Ozone Transport Assessment Group's (OTAG) study of power plant plume travels:

    • Press Release: NEW DATA SHOWS DFW "SERIOUS" OZONE CRISIS WAS AVOIDABLE: TU Electric sabotaging clean air efforts: DFW Ozone Violations Could Be Cut By 70% from Power Plant Pollution Reductions (7 April 1999)
    • Fact Sheet: OTAG statistics for DFW
    • OTAG ozone plume map and explanation


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