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SEED works with the full spectrum of air quality issues in Texas. Follow the links below to read fact sheets, reports, and articles about:

The Problems:

  • Clean Air Act Under Attack. The Bush Administration unveiled a plan on 6/13/02, that would punch dangerous new loopholes in the Clean Air Act. These loopholes, which seriously undercut the "New Source Review" (NSR) provision of the Clean Air Act, could result in more pollution in Texas skies and signal the Administrationís unwillingness to be tough with known violators like Alcoa.
  • Bush Administration Ignores Facts, Reality on Refineries Despite the Bush Administration's implications that refinery capacity is dwindling, reports by the Energy Information Administration show that overall refining capacity in the US has increased since 1990 and that production capacity (actual product coming out of refineries) is at a fifty year high in 2001.
  • Making Texas a Safer Place New regulations are being written to guide how Texas' environmental agency (TNRCC) will do its job of protecting public health. Will they be written in a way that favors public health and public participation or will they favor industry and pollution? Citizens can help make the difference.
  • Mercury pollution is contaminating fish in Texas lakes, reservoirs and rivers, as well as in the Gulf of Mexico. Eating mercury contaminated fish can result in damage to the human nervous system, causing developmental delays and learning disabilities, and posing special risks for children and women of child-bearing age.
  • The grandfather loophole continues to allow old and dirty industrial plants to pollute without regulation or control. Grandfathering has been one of SEED's primary issues for the past several years.
  • Deadly Power Plant Pollution Facts Find out how many people in your city die from pollution? See statewide statistics on these effects Find out more about specific power plants, what they emit and how many vulnerable people are near them.
  • Electric power plants are one of the biggest sources of pollution in Texas.
  • Pollution in our air carries serious health consequences, since over half of all Texans live in areas that fail to meet federal air quality standards.
  • Global warming caused by the burning of fossil fuels could disastrously impact all life on earth, unless we act now.
  • Environmental justice addresses the inequality that often arises when pollution is concentrated in low-income and minority neighborhoods.

The Solutions:

  • Renewable energy includes solar, wind, and biomass power. Texas has an abundance of these resources and many promising opportunities to meet our energy needs safely, reliably, and efficiently.
  • Clean transportation means driving cleaner, more efficient cars and developing convenient mass-transit options to serve our growing cities.
  • Also, check out our list of links to relevant resources and other helpful sites.

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