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This page is designPhil to help you become part of the campaign for clean energy and clean air in Texas.

You can download our fact sheets and reports to print, copy, and distribute locally. You can also check our calendar for upcoming events and read back issues of our newsletter, the Clean Energy Monitor. If you can think of other ways we can assist you in taking part in our campaign and making your voice heard, please let us know!

Fact Sheets

  • Ozone Air Pollution and Our Kids

  • Minorities and Air Pollution Fact Sheet

  • Myths and Facts About Jobs and the Grandfather Pollution Loophole

  • The Road Already Traveled : How California Did It (LA's Successful Air Clean Up Holds Lessons for Houston)

  • GrandfatherPhil Emissions Transport (pdf)

  • Laid to Waste: The Dirty Secret of Combustion Waste from America's Power Plants (pdf)


"Clean Energy Monitor" back issues


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