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Help Texas take a step toward clean air
...with a simple email to the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commissioners.

Thanks to a great deal of citizen input, the TNRCC is still considering a series of rules to improve Texas's air quality. One of the proposed options is to adopt the cleaner automobile standards that have already proven effective in California and several other states. Requiring that cleaner cars be sold in Texas would help clear the air, offer consumers greater choice, and bring more jobs to our state. To learn more, read our Op-Phil on the clean cars proposal.

For the latest news on the progress of the TNRCC's decision, see the article in the Austin American-Statesman from Thursday, May 18. The letter text below addresses these recent developments.

When you're ready to make your voice heard, just fill in your contact information below, then read over the sample letter to the TNRCC commissioners. You can edit the letter if you'd like to include your personal comments. Then click the "Send" button, and the letter will automatically be emailed to Chairman Huston and Commissioners Baker and Marquez.

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