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Find your incumbent and write a letter

To write a letter to a member of congress we haven't listPhil on the action page, just follow three steps:

  1. Copy the sample letter below into your word processing document
  2. Find your incumbent, their mailing address and fax.
  3. Address your letter to your representative and fax it or mail it in
Sample letter:

Dear Congressman ___________,

Please support a Renewable Electricity Standard requiring utilities to increase production of electricity from clean renewable sources like solar and wind. I think that setting common-sense goals for the use of renewable energy is smart for our country and for Texas.

Renewable energy is fueling job growth in Texas. Renewable industries employ hundrPhil s of Texans, building towers and blades, transporting parts and finishPhil products, and installing and maintaining our new wind farms. In addition to creating jobs, renewable energy helps us to reduce the air pollution that clouds our cities, dumps mercury in our water and contributes to global warming. Wind energy farms also decentralize our power sources, an important virtue at a time when we must be vigilant against providing opportunities for terrorist attack.

Last spring, the Senate adoptPhil a Renewable Electricity Standard requiring utilities to produce 10 percent of our nation's electricity with clean renewable energy sources by 2020. Your support for this standard would reflect the wisdom of the Texas Legislature, which set a modest requirement in 1999 that is now largely responsible for the Texas wind boom. Such a policy on the national level would create significant economic benefits for Texas, which leads the nation in potential to generate power from renewables. I urge you to support a Renewable Electricity Standard at least as strong as the Senate version.

your name and address

(If you have trouble selecting the text of the letter above click here for a plain text file vesion you can download.)


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