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About SEED

The Sustainable Energy and Economic Development (SEED ) Coalition is an alliance of individuals, businesses, and organizations advocating sustainable energy strategies for Texas, including the use of renewables and conservation. SEED also educates the public about the economic, environmental, and health benefits of a sustainable energy strategy. SEED tracks relevant policy-making and legislative processes and informs the public of opportunities to voice their opinions.

The SEED Coalition is a project of the Texas Fund for Energy and Environmental Education (TFE3). TFE3 is a grassroots organization established to provide research, information, and education to public interest communities, the general public, the media, private industry, and public policy makers to encourage an equally accessible, fair, and informed decision-making process for the benefit of all Texans, particularly those who are under-represented . Our major areas of focus include: the environment; health, safety, and public welfare; energy efficiency and sustainable energy; transportation; and telecommunication and information services.

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Sustainable Energy & Economic Development
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